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How To Ask a Girl Out (At Work)

Are you having a crush on a girl at the workplace? If you do, and you really want to ask her out, then there are certain things you need must do and must not do; rules you must follow in order to be successful. This guide should help you not just to increase your chances of asking her out, but to avoid being that creepy guy, she might want to avoid.

1. Understand the difference between work friendly and work flirty

At work, people will always be friendly, but that doesn’t mean, they are flirting with you. A girl you are sharing things with, or having a friendly conversation, or going for a break together most of the time, may not be into you. Flirting includes a significant amount of touching; a lot of time together and prying into your love life. When you flirt with a girl in a good respectable way, you have a chance to win her over with your personality and your confidence.

2. Ask her out

Flirting as noted can increase your chances of winning her out, but still, you need to act beyond the workplace. That means asking her out but keeping it casual; do something like asking her to grab lunch with you or ask her to meet after work. If she agrees it doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you. She may be trying to be friendly, so take this as a chance of laying the groundwork for building something better. This is an opportunity to know her better, to learn what her hobbies are, what she likes as a person, and try as much as you possible not to hit on her, otherwise, you may lose her interest.

How To Ask a Girl Out (At Work)
How To Ask a Girl Out (At Work)

3. Save sexual interactions for after work

If she agrees to go out with you that is the only time you should try and include sexual interactions, showing the other fun side of you, she doesn’t see at work. But asking her out sometimes may require a great deal of persistence and confidence. So do learn how to be physical to be your crush without looking awkward or nervous.

With these few guidelines, you will for certain pick a girl at the workplace, but always keep in mind that she is there to work, so put work relationship ahead of any relationship that might develop. This means being respectful to her, and still keeping work relationship healthy even when she turns you down, which might be a way of attracting her in the long run.

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