Top 5 Minecraft Servers You Should Know for Best Minecraft Playing Experience

If you are looking for Minecraft servers that you can join and enjoy the games, you are landed on the right platform. Here we have listed the best Minecraft servers that you can join with confidence and have an incredible gaming experience. You can explore to get a suitable server for playing games. Five of them are listed below.

Poke Saga

Poke Saga is one of Let’s high-end Minecraft servers. It offers a whole new gameplay experience. Through this server, you will get detailed graphics and custom features. Thus, you enjoy, have an easy journey, and you will entertain yourself through this platform. There are available a lot of features to give you a complete advantage.

In this best Minecraft server, you will get the auto sell, token, upgradeable pickaxes, luck blocks, and much more. Unlock all these features to enjoy the game fully. Moreover, explore the system and purchase the items to start a new journey. Moreover, there are available different events on the server, so you can participate to win different rewards. Thus, you will be having a lot of fun. Join this server, start the journey by exploring the community, making friends, and letting your free time be a quality time.

The supported games include Mcmmo, minigames, Parkour, PvE, Survival, and much more.

Brutal Prison

It is another high-quality  Minecraft server. It is a wonderful platform with premium OpPrison features. You will find cells, PvP, gange, drugs, and custom enchantments here. You will find a lot of items so you can enjoy them. You can make your way easily, pass the mines and climb different ranks. Thus, there is present a leaderboard so you can make your name in the game. You can join in a few steps and make your adventure full of fun and entertainment.


One more ideal platform is Foxcraft. It is one of the oldest and best Minecraft servers on the list. It was created in 2011 and comes with different classic game modes. These include Prison, Creative, Survival, Skyblock, and much more. The game mode features the custom addition of items that you can win or purchase. There is an available custom game mode like Kingdom also. Moreover, you can participate in events to win items, bonuses, and rewards. You will have a great Minecraft experience.



Our fifth Minecraft server on the list is AnubisMC. You will find multiple game modes here. There are Mcmmo, Minigames, Parkour, Economy, Pixelspark, PvE, Survival, and much more. You can use the Technic Modpack to join this server. You can join this server conveniently. Simply launch the server page and add the Ip address. Once there is space available, it will turn green, and you can hit on “Join” button to become part of this server. If you get any problem, you can get assistance from the help center of the server. Thus, this incredible platform makes a wonderful option for Minecraft enthusiasts.

Final verdict

Playing the Minecraft game is no more difficult it is because of the availability of a number of Minecraft servers. You can choose any of these best Minecraft servers or select from the wide range of servers available on the site. Click on any of these, copy the IP server, and add on the server page to become part and have a wonderful game-playing experience.

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